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Old Harlow Gardening Club - Annual Show 2018

Saturday 11th August 2018 1.30pm

Old Harlow W.I. Hall

Now in it's 32nd year

Division A - Vegetables and Fruit

  1. four onions from sets (dressed)
  2. four onions from seed (dressed)
  3. four carrots with 3 inch foliage
  4. four beetroots with 4 inch foliage
  5. four courgettes, 5-8" long
  6. four tomatoes (any variety) with calyces
  7. nine cherry tomatoes with calcyes
  8. one truss of tomato
  9. four potatoes white
  10. four potatoes coloured
  11. six french beans, bush or climbing
  12. nine shallots
  13. two parsnips with 3" foliage
  14. six runner beans, with stalks
  15. the longest runner bean, with stalk
  16. four varieties of herbs, named (not in flower)
  17. a plate of 3 each of 3 different soft fruit (9 total)
  18. a plate of 6 dessert apples
  19. a plate of 6 plums
  20. a vegetable tray of 6 different vegetables, 1 of each, cleaned and dressed if appropriate. Max size 14" x 10" - seed tray suggested.
Nb. tomatoes can be any uniform colour

Division B - Flowers

  1. Vase of three different Annuals (one stem of each)
  2. Vase of three different Perennials (one stem of each)
  3. Vase of three Antirrhinums (snapdragon)
  4. One Specimen Bloom Rose
  5. Three stems roses HT
  6. Three ball dahlias (up to 3 inches wide)
  7. Three single stem Dahlias mixed variety
  8. One potted geranium (9" pot max)
  9. One foliage pot plant (9" pot max)
  10. One flowering pot plant (9" pot max)
  11. One fuchsia (9" pot max)
  12. One potted begonia (7" pot max)
  13. Six different fuchsia blooms in a society box (supplied)
  14. One potted succulent (7" pot max)
  15. A growing planted arrangement in an unusual container (15" container maximum)

Plants in this division may have been bought but must have been in your possession for at least 3 months, and not shown previously

Children's Corner

Up to 11 years. Floral item made or grown by a child. Children's exhibits will be welcomed in any Division

Children's exhibits will be welcomed in any Division and will be judged by the public.

Division C - Floral Art

All exhibits must be arranged in the show hall and completed by 11.45am No arrangement to exceed width and depth of 18 inches.

  1. Table arrangement on a wedding theme
  2. An arrangement incorporating vegetables
  3. An arrangement depicting a film (provide title)

Division D - Domestic

  1. Six shortbread biscuits
  2. Six cheese scones
  3. One jar of jam
  4. One jar of chutney
  5. One jar of pickled onions
  6. Six sausage rolls
  7. A chocolate cake
  8. Lemon drizzle cake
  9. Four decorated cupcakes
  10. A victoria sponge with cream
  11. A vegetarian dish

Division E - Handicraft

  1. A picture in any medium 14" x 12" max
  2. A knitted item
  3. A small quilted item

Division F - Photography

  1. Wildlife In Your Garden (unframed, max 6x8 inches)
  2. Flowers (unframed, max 6x8 inches)

Entries from amateur photographers only which must be entirely your own work. No copying of other's work (altered or not) will be acceptable.